Cooking With Distilled Water Makes All Foods Taste Better

Drinking Water:

Crystal clear, pure distilled water is not only more healthy and economical than tap water, it tastes better and is more refreshing. Once you've tried water distilled water, you'll never drink tap water again.

Sauces and Gravy:

Whenever a recipe calls for water, its sure to taste better with distilled water. Chlorine and other chemicals found in tap water conflict with the taste of the ingredients. Pure distilled water enhances flavor by absorbing the tastes of your ingredients.


Water is the main ingredient in most soups. You put so much care into choosing your ingredients, yet compromise taste by using ordinary tap water. Distilled water absorbs flavor from vegetables and spices for great tasting soups.

Coffee & Tea:

Not only will you experience flavor like never before, when you make coffee or tea with distilled water you'll actually save money by using less coffee or tea when brewing. Your friends will wonder if you switched brands of coffee, when all that you changed was the water you use.

Pasta & Steamed Vegetables:

Whenever you're boiling or steaming, use distilled water to avoid contaminating your food with whatever may be in your tap water. Iron and chlorine can give a bad taste to your vegetables and pasta. While other pollutants may not be noticeable, many are health hazards.