Natural artesian mineral hot springs, youth hostel, massage therapy and camp ground, located in Safford, Arizona.



Safford, Arizona

Nestled close to the base of beautiful Mt. Graham in southeastern Arizona is a little oasis in the desert that offers wonderful, healing, soothing, relaxing artesian mineral hot springs. Temperatures range from 95 to 106 degrees and flow into 5 private and 1 community hot tubs.

These natural mineral hot springs are artesian and come out of the ground at 108 degrees fahrenheit. The beneficiary minerals in the waters include: Arsenic-Barium-Cadmium-chromium-Floride-Mercury-Nitrate-Selenium-Sodium-Sulfate-Lead-Silver-Chloride-Copper-Iron-Magnesium-
Manganese-Zinc, all in varying quantities and all good for the body.

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Clothing is required in our out door tub other wise clothing is optional. This is one of our private tubs a unique heart shaped design. Come and relax your mind, body and soul in our healing waters and treat yourself to a Swedish massage. We also offer reflexology (working specific areas on the feet), Sinus treatment, herbal sweat wrap or an ear coning in private rooms with music and aromas.

If you want to stay the night we have something a little different, We offer Tipi camping or you can pitch your own tent. We also have a trailer that can accommodate 2. There are kitchen/laundry facilities, bar-be Que. and recreation room available.

Scrub oak, pines, manzanita, beautiful scenery and a great get away place, is only 15 minutes away up on Mt. Graham, at the top is a little lake and camp grounds. Or if you prefer, 2 miles from Essence of Tranquility is Roper Lake State Park with camping and swimming.

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We are located 5 miles south of Safford, Arizona on high-way 191. So next time your looking to do something a little different come to Essence of Tranquility to relax your mind, body, and soul.

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Essence of Tranquility

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